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Supported Mime Types
application/octet-stream	.*
application/postscript		.ai
audio/x-aiff			.aif
audio/x-aiff			.aifc
audio/x-aiff			.aiff
audio/basic			.au
video/x-msvideo			.avi
text/plain			.bas
application/x-bcpio		.bcpio
application/octet-stream	.bin
image/bmp			.bmp
text/plain			.c
application/x-msclip		.clp
image/x-cmx			.cmx
image/cis-cod			.cod
application/x-cpio		.cpio
application/x-mscardfile	.crd
application/x-csh		.csh
application/x-director		.dcr
application/x-director		.dir
application/msword		.doc
application/msword		.dot
application/x-dvi		.dvi
application/x-director		.dxr
application/postscript		.eps
text/x-setext			.etx
application/envoy		.evy
application/octet-stream	.exe
x-world/x-vrml			.flr
image/gif			.gif
application/x-gtar		.gtar
text/plain			.h
application/x-hdf		.hdf
application/winhlp		.hlp
application/mac-binhex40	.hqx
text/html			.htm
text/html			.html
image/ief			.ief
image/jpeg			.jpe
image/jpeg			.jpeg
image/jpeg			.jpg
application/x-javascript	.js
application/x-latex		.latex
application/x-msmediaview	.m13
application/x-msmediaview	.m14
application/x-troff-man		.man
application/x-msaccess		.mdb
application/x-troff-me		.me
application/x-msmoney		.mny
video/quicktime			.mov
video/x-sgi-movie		.movie
video/mpeg			.mpe
video/mpeg			.mpeg
video/mpeg			.mpg
application/	.mpp
application/x-troff-ms		.ms
application/x-netcd		.nc
application/oda			.oda
image/x-portable-bitmap		.pbm
application/pdf			.pdf
image/x-portable-graymap	.pgm
application/x-perfmon		.pma
application/x-perfmon		.pmc
application/x-perfmon		.pml
application/x-perfmon		.pmr
application/x-perfmon		.pmw
image/x-portable-anymap		.pnm
application/	.pot
image/x-portable-pixmap		.ppm
application/	.pps
application/	.ppt
application/postscript		.ps
application/x-mspublisher	.pub
video/quicktime			.qt
audio/x-pn-realaudio		.ra
audio/x-pn-realaudio		.ram
image/x-cmu-raster		.ras
image/x-rgb			.rgb
application/x-troff		.roff
application/rtf			.rtf
text/richtext			.rtx
application/x-msschedule	.scd
application/x-sh		.sh
application/x-shar		.shar
audio/basic			.snd
application/x-wais-source	.src
text/html			.stm
application/x-sv4cpio		.sv4cpio
application/x-sv4crc		.sv4crc
application/x-troff		.t
application/x-tar		.tar
application/x-tcl		.tcl
application/x-tex		.tex
application/x-texinfo		.texi
application/x-texinfo		.texinfo
image/tiff			.tif
image/tiff			.tiff
application/x-troff		.tr
application/x-msterminal	.trm
text/tab-separated-values	.tsv
text/plain			.txt
application/x-ustar		.ustar
audio/x-wav			.wav
application/	.wcm
application/	.wdb
application/	.wks
application/x-msmetafile	.wmf
application/	.wps
application/x-mswrite		.wri
x-world/x-vrml			.wrl
x-world/x-vrml			.wrz
x-world/x-vrml			.xaf
image/x-xbitmap			.xbm
application/	.xla
application/	.xlc
application/	.xlm
application/	.xls
application/	.xlt
application/	.xlw
x-world/x-vrml			.xof
image/x-xpixmap			.xpm
image/x-xwindowdump		.xwd
application/zip			.zip
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